Mental Health Conference (Mon, Apr 16)

Time Session Presenter(s) / Moderator(s)
FIRST SESSION: Reducing the Gap in Mental Health Research and Treatment through Implementation Science
Chair: Milton Wainberg (Columbia University)
Co-Chair: Maria Oquendo (University of Pennsylvania)
8:30 Welcome and Description of PRIDE sSA (Research and Capacity Building components) Milton Wainberg (Columbia University)
9:10 Research Partnerships for Scaling Up Mental Health Interventions Andrea Horvath (US National Institute of Mental Health)
9:30 PRIDE Seed Team Presentations Seed teams from Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, and Zambia
10:10 Panel Discussion Stefan Holzer (University of Malawi)
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 The Public Health Challenge of Childhood Adversity: Synergy, Opportunities for Epidemiology, Neuroscience, and Implementation Science Sumaya Mall (University of the Witwatersrand)
11:20 Psychiatry Technicians: Task Shifting Mental Health Strategy Palmira Fortunato dos Santos (Mozambique Ministry of Health)
11:40 Leveraging Implementation Science and Community Partnership to Achieve the Promise of Evidence-Based Practice Rinad Beidas (University of Pennsylvania)
12:00 Panel Discussion Ana Olga Mocumbi (Eduardo Mondlane University)
12:20 Lunch 
SECOND SESSION: Challenges in Addressing Global Mental Health
Chair: Jair Mari (Federal University of São Paulo)
Co-Chair: Lynn Murphy Michalopolous (Columbia University)
13:40 Tuberculosis in Global Mental Health Ernesto Jaramillo (World Health Organization) & Annika Sweetland (Columbia University)
13:55 Integrating Mental Health within Primary Care – Research and Practice Francine Cournos (Columbia University) & Andrew Medina-Marino (Foundation for Professional Development)
14:10 Building a Successful International Collaboration Philip LaRussa (Columbia University)
14:20 Considerations for Conducting Global Health Research with Adolescents Populations Susan Rosenthal (Columbia University)
14:35 Barriers to Alcohol Policy Implementation – Actions by the Alcohol Industry Ilana Pinsky (Columbia University)
14:50 Questions and Answers
15:00 Coffee Break
THIRD SESSION: Neuroscience Development and Global Mental Health
Chair: Marcelo Feijó (Federal University of São Paulo)
Co-Chair: Jean-Marie Bradford (Columbia University)
15:15 Risk and Protective Processes in Global Mental Health Cristiane Duarte (Columbia University)
15:30 USA National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative Melissa Arbuckle (Columbia University)
15:45 Neurobiology and Global Mental Health Maria Oquendo (University of Pennsylvania)
16:00 Questions and Answers
16:10 The Future of Global Health Capacity Building Collaborations Maria Oquendo,  Lawrence Stanberry (Columbia University), Ana Olga Mocumbi, & Christopher Smithers (The Smithers Foundation).
Chair: Milton Wainberg
17:00 Cocktail Party & Poster Presentations by T32 Fellows Mozambique D34 Fellows (Ministry of Health), Kate Lovero (Columbia University), Cady Carlson (University of Alabama), Karen A Johnson (Columbia University), & Christopher Smithers Jr. (The Smithers Foundation)